Continuing the momentum from Fairview House No. 1, for 2007, e-co lab worked with the City of Urbana, Ill., to build another super energy-efficient house in Urbana for a qualifying first-time home buyer. The building is located at 1007 W. Fairview Ave (next door to Fairview House No. 1). This home is a four bedroom, two bathroom, 1450 square foot house; and, like the Smith House and first Fairview House it has been designed and constructed to Passive House standards (reducing energy use by 90%).

For this project, we designed and developed our own pre-fabricated super-insulated and air-tight wall panels. We were able to progress from flat slab to roofed and tyveked in two days. The $120,000 sales price of the house (well under market value) was made possible through a $25,000 grant donation of the lot from the City of Urbana as well as through donations from individuals and local businesses.

View the Fairview 2 Floorplans


e-co lab Projects: 1007 Fairview Avenue