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A Passive House addresses several important issues at once. The Passive Home can potentially:

  1. Save money

  2. Increase self-sufficiency among low income families

  3. Improve the health of the owner

  4. Conserve massive amounts of energy, and

  5. Halt climate change

Plus, it all begins the moment a family moves in.

In 2010, the Department of Human Services allocated $5.1 Billion Dollars to the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). Imagine if all homes were built or retrofit to the Passive House standard. The extremely low energy bills could eliminate the need for LIHEAP assistance for many families. Finally, each home is ADA compliant with fresh, pre-filtered air that significantly reduces indoor air pollution. The combination of clean air and accessibility can create an ideal environment for those who wish to age in place. By choosing to help us build Passive Homes, you help save energy, money, and potentially the world. For regular updates on what e-co lab is doing send an email to: natasha@e-colab.org or feel free to partner with us by donating at one of the following levels:


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